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Are you looking to improve your team collaboration? Would you like your team to have a better understanding of how each other likes to work? Consider a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment for your team. These are perfect for away-days. 


The MBTI personality assessment is a powerful psychometric tool benefitting individuals and teams. 

Its strength lies in enabling you to:

Understand yourself

Understand others

Flex your style to get the best out of others

It allows you to understand and appreciate differences between people. Post assessment teams work more collaboratively together and are more effective with a shared understanding and appreciation of each other's MBTI preferences. 



What do you need to ensure your employees are engaged, and reaching their full potential?


We can advise you on the essentials of an effective learning infrastructure and help you build the tools you need. Do you have clear learning paths and competency models? 

We can carry out a learning needs analysis to identify development gaps, then bridge that gap with learning solutions that are right for your business. 


Are you looking for an engaging and effective facilitator?


Do you have learning content that could be more effective delivered by a professional facilitator? 

Facilitation is our passion. Let us deliver it for you.


Have you identified a specific learning need?


Are there skills or competencies you would specifically like to be more evident in your business?


Are your leaders performing to the best of their ability? 


Let us work with you to design and develop bespoke leadership development solutions. 



A team of accredited business & leadership coaches (accredited with the International Coaching Federation).

Our focus is on supporting and challenging our clients to bring about transformational change.


We work with you to evaluate limiting beliefs, dig deep into differing opportunities, raise self-awareness and increase a leader’s impact.


Where appropriate, as licensed practitioners, we complement our coaching with the use of EQi (an emotional intelligence psychometric tool) to provide richer and deeper insight as an enabler for change.

Business & Leadership Coaching

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