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Recent Projects

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Leadership Development Curriculum (incorporating coaching)

Development of a bespoke Leadership Development program including one to one coaching.


With the use of the psychometric tool EQi (Emotional Intelligence) to target coaching conversations to identify key strengths and areas of focus.

This enables the coaching to be transformational and make an impact that matters. 

Designed, Developed and Delivered Virtual Classroom Content

In response to Covid-19 we redesigned over a 100 hours worth of classroom content for a professional services firm to be delivered virtually. Engagement was key to the success of this project. Content included virtual case studies, role plays, team work, basically everything we normally do in the classroom!  


Additionally we designed and delivered a "Virtual Train the Trainer" to upskill facilitators to effectively deliver in a virtual environment.

The result was impressive! Feedback received from participants was very positive with programs scoring an average of 4.46 out of 5. Some participants even preferred receiving learning in a virtual format. 

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Delivery of professional leadership sessions including:

  • Wellbeing - combating stress and anxiety

  • Resilience in a virtual environment

  • Leading in times of change management

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments and debriefs

  • Business Writing

  • Global culture -working across borders

  • Effective virtual presentations

  • Effective virtual meetings

  • Communicate with influence

  • Time management in a virtual world

  • Team Leadership in a virtual world - Motivational Delegation

  • Team Leadership in a virtual world - Giving effective feedback

  • Coaching for high performance

  • Virtual-Train-The-Trainer

Understanding Global Culture

A handshake in front of a globe of the Earth.

With an extensive background of working in a global environment we are well placed to support cross-border teams work more effectively together.


We designed and delivered an interactive workshop on "Understanding Global Culture" delivered to a global audience of more than 60 participants.

The engagement and passion in the room was infectious with lots of lightbulb moments.

Afterwards participants had a greater appreciation and understanding of differences,  which has allowed for more effective and collaborative teamwork going forward.

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Development of Competency Framework

Development of competency frameworks for a large global organisation, clearly identifying learning paths and career progression throughout the firm.

The frameworks detail the skills, knowledge and behaviour needed at each career level.

We included recommended experiences and exposures for on-the-job training, and mapped each career level to supporting learning solutions. This enables staff to clearly understand what they need to do to progress to the next level.

Additionally managers use the framework to have meaningful coaching conversations with their direct reports to help them progress. 

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